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Tree Surgeon in Coventry and Warwickshire

Contact Ben on: 07966 163660 or Ryan on: 07726 500696 Tel 02476 263544. Based in Coventry, serving all of Warwickshire. Contact us today for your FREE quotation.
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Crown Lifting


Crown lifting can be used when people want improved access around the bottom of their tree. This can be for a number of reasons for example- mowing the lawn, to improve car access on driveways, clear space for people to walk etc.


This service involves removing the lower section of the tree's branches in order to create this extra space in the area below.


As well as the extra space created this service may also allow more light to shine through the bottom of the tree onto the rest of your property.


Benefits from this service may include:


Gain more light into your home and other areas of your garden


Create clearer access around your garden/home