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Tree Surgeon in Coventry and Warwickshire

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Crown thinning


Crown thinning is the selective removal of the tree's foliage by an approximate percentage. We usually start by removing the weaker points and any rubbing branches which may cause weak points in the future, following on from this we will then thin out the rest of the tree in accordance with what has already been removed to achieve a full crown thin and tidy.


This service allows more light to shine through to the rest of your property and also helps reduce the winds force on the tree because there is less foliage for the wind to catch and is therefore allowed to pass more freely through the tree.


We reach to the very tips of every single branch in order to avoid what is referred to as 'lion tailing' which is when a climber doesn't remove any foliage from the tips of the branch usually because the climber isn't very skilled at reaching to the very tips and it may also save them time.


Lion tailing is a very poor practise because it can increase the possiblity of sun scorch and also because it leaves the branch 'end heavy' which the wind tends to catch and swing about more thus increasing the potential for the branch to snap. It also blocks the light shining through around the outer layers of the tree which when thinned out properly will allow even more light onto your property.



Benefits of this service may include:


Gain more light into your home and other areas of your garden


Improve the safety on and to your property