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Tree Surgeon in Coventry and Warwickshire

Contact Ben on: 07966 163660 or Ryan on: 07726 500696 Tel 02476 263544. Based in Coventry, serving all of Warwickshire. Contact us today for your FREE quotation.
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Tree Pollarding


This service is often used on street trees. Tree pollarding is the quite dramatic cutting of a tree into the thick wood as opposed to cutting back to appropriate growing branches. Pollarding usually results in dense new shoots growing out from the point it has been cut back to. This is the tree's defense mechanism to allow it to regenerate.


Pollarding may or may not give you the desired effect you are after.  Please contact us using the telephone numbers at the top of your screen or our contact form so that we can advise you what is best for your particular circumstances.


This service isn't suitable for all species of trees and if carried out on the wrong tree will seriously damage the tree's health.