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Stump Removal Coventry

We provide stump removal services so if you are within Coventry and Warwickshire then we can help remove any unwanted and difficult to remove stumps.

 Once removed this can allow for fencing to be erected, turf to be laid, re-planting, construction and landscaping projects.

Dead stumps may attract honey fungus which can then go on to put other trees at risk in the surrounding area, although some species are more resistant than others.

If your stump is in the middle of your lawn then another benefit to removing your stump is to alleviate the annoyance from having to mow around it and instead have a nice clear run.  

We use a stump grinder for our stump removal services which essentially chips away at the stump piece by piece until the required depth is reached. When carrying out the stump grinding work we section off the area to prevent any wood chippings, stones etc. from escaping. 

We provide a professional and efficient tree stump removal service in Coventry and surrounding areas.

Contact us today for your free advice and quotation.

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