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Why Choose Blue Skies Tree Services

Highly Competent

A large customer base who trust our competency in handling all their tree and hedge maintenance requirements including Coventry Cathedral

We are fully trained & qualified with over 20 years experience

dedicated specifically to tree work


We use all the necessary safety equipment


We comply to all necessary health & safety legislation at all times



We regard time and date keeping very highly


Quality assured work

We will take great pride in our work with immaculate care & attention to detail


We will take away all rubbish to recycle & leave all areas very tidy


We work to British Standards (BS3998) as a minimum


Friendly & helpful

  We provide you with all the necessary advice, allowing you to make an informed decision as to what you want us to accomplish for you



We are caring and considerate about our customers property and take meticulous care in every area that we operate

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