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Tree Reducing & Shaping in Coventry and Warwickshire

(Sometimes referred to by our customers as: crowning, topping or lopping)

A tree reduction is the art of reducing the crown of a tree usually by an approximate percentage or a visual mark pointed out by you. We will recommend a certain limit to the reduction which will be in the interests of your tree's health.

Sometimes referred to by our clients in the past as tree topping, lopping or tree crowning; our reduction & shaping service is not just simply cutting off the top it includes reducing the whole crown of the tree including reducing the sides in proportion to the top. We cut back to appropriate growth points in order to leave your tree with a more natural shape and character.

Balancing out your tree is where we would reduce certain parts of your tree to create a more symmetrical form, still maintaining the natural characteristics of the particular species of tree.

We will recommend this when the tree's branches are significantly outweighing the structure of the tree in any particular direction.

Benefits from our tree reduction services may include:

More light into your home or other areas of your garden

Create beautiful, uncluttered & under control views

Save money now by keeping on top of your trees to avoid bigger costs in the future

Keep trees away from phone lines, buildings etc.

Improve the safety to people passing by the tree, and to your property/ vehicles

Add to the beauty of your home with uncluttered and pleasing views

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