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Hedge Cutting Services Coventry and Warwickshire

We are a Coventry based company offering expert hedge cutting / hedge trimming services in Coventry and Warwickshire.

We can trim back your hedges however you wish whether you prefer straight lines or shaped curves, we will achieve the perfect results, taking away all the hedge trimming mess and leaving your areas very tidy.

We are very careful in our approach and take great care on your property, for example if you have a pond we will cover it over before cutting your hedge to avoid any mess contaminating your pond. We also protect any plants or anything that can be considered delicate when we undertake our hedge trimming work.

If you require a hedge trimming service in Coventry to reduce the height and or depth of your hedges or you simply require trimming back a hedge to regain control then we are here to help you, contact us today:

For your FREE quote & advice


Benefits from this hedge cutting service may include:

Reclaim boundaries & lost parts of your garden

Create clearer access around your garden/home

Create beautiful, under control views

Gain more light into your home and other areas of your garden

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