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tree surgery work at coventry cathedral

Tree Surgeon Coventry Based Serving all of Warwickshire

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Qualified and Insured Tree Surgeons/ Arborists

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Feel at ease hiring competent, polite & reliable tree surgeons offering you the very best in professional and affordable tree & hedge care.

We are happy to show on request our tree surgeon identity cards, 

insurance and tree surgery qualifications certificates when
providing you with your FREE no obligation quotation.

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"Great quote, Great service!"

Incorrect tree care can result in poor health & dangerous trees

We work only to the highest standards taking the utmost pride in our tree work.

"Practising the very best correct methods in tree and hedge maintenance

for your long term benefit."

From fully disinfecting our saws to help prevent any spread of disease to making the correct cuts to help maintain your tree's natural healing ability.

Our methods keep your trees and hedges far healthier and more stable

than them 'just being cut any old way' offering you

"true value for money"

tree surgeon at coventry cathedral

Summary of our Tree Surgeon Coventry and Warwickshire Services...

Our reduction & shaping service is accomplished by reducing the whole canopy of the tree, not just the top which will leave it unsightly. A reduction is usually specified by a certain percentage, cutting back to appropriate growth points and following the particular species natural shape all the way around with the aim simply being to create a smaller and more balanced version of your tree.

Our crown thinning allows more light to shine through to the garden / property and also allows the wind to pass more freely through thus reducing the winds force on the tree. Thinning  is accomplished by removing crossing and rubbing branches (which may cause weak points) and cutting out certain branches to achieve a full canopy thin. We reach to the very tips of each branch ensuring a thorough thinning out is achieved.

Our tree removal / felling service. Our tree surgeon (who has accomplished extra qualifications in the use of rigging methods) will safely dismantle your tree section by section using specialist arborist equipment.

Dead wood removal is achieved by our tree surgeon safely removing dead and hung up branches. This is a particularly useful service if there is a green house, conservatory, shed, vehicles etc. underneath the tree or where people are likely to be walking underneath.


If you have concerns over your tree's health then use our tree inspection service. Our expert tree surgeon will assess your tree's health and condition in which he shall perform a ground inspection and also an aerial inspection climbing up and undertaking a thorough analysis looking for anything that may be affecting the tree with concerns to disease, pests, structure etc.

The tree planting service involves selecting the right species for your circumstances to then delivering and correctly planting within Coventry and other Warwickshire areas.


Our crown lifting service is accomplished by taking away the lower part of the branches thus raising the height of the crown allowing more room and also light to shine through underneath.

Our tree pollarding service is the removal of all of the branches, in most cases to just the trunk. Not all species are suitable to carry this method out and we will advise you whether this service is best for your circumstances. This is a rather severe service and we will only recommend this in certain circumstances.


Hedge cutting/ hedge trimming service. We will trim your shrubs and hedges with the use of a professional hedge trimmer to create appealing and neat finishes.

Hedges reduced in height, width and depth. This service is useful if you wish to claim back part of the space around your property. (Conifer trees expertly shaped).

We offer a Stump removal service. If you have a stump which is unsightly to look at or you may want to replant or erect a fence then we can help remove the stump in your way. If you require a stump removal service in Coventry or any other area within Warwickshire then please contact us today.

All dangerous branches are carefully removed with the use of specialist tree surgeon rigging equipment, all tree work is carried out by an experienced tree surgeon.

(Reference to the 'canopy' or 'crown' is simply the collective formation of all the branches combined)

This list is not exhaustive, please contact us with your specific requirements and we may be able to help.


Are your trees protected by a preservation order or do you live in a conservation area?

If so permission will have to be granted by Coventry City Council or your local authority before any

tree surgery work can be carried out.

We offer FREE planning applications for work on protected trees upon acceptance of our quotation.

Click here to see if you live in a conservation area in Coventry or click here if you live

elsewhere within Warwickshire.


Please contact us if you require any further information

regarding our tree surgeon Coventry and Warwickshire services.

Thankyou for your time in viewing our website, we hope you found it helpful.

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